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Warehousing Services

Transforming Nepal’s agriculture markets to achieve inclusive recovery and growth.


Nepal Warehousing Company Limited (NWCL) is established to provide end to end solutions for grain storage, auction management, and commodity trading services.

Grain Auction

NWCL facilitates spot auction of the grain between the buyers and sellers. This will provide both buyers and sellers access to a fair priced and a large market place.

Warehousing / Storage

The company will provide elaborate post harvest facilities (cleaning, grading , sorting) of grains, which will be tested and standardized by applying laboratory tests. Such grains will be stored in silo using state of art storage processes and systems.

Warehouse Receipt Finance

Warehouse receipt finance uses securely stored goods as loan collateral. It allows clients, such as farmers, traders, processors, and others to deposit commodities in NWCL against a certificate of deposit.

Delivery / Transportation Facilities

Delivery to clients is possible in company bulk transport fleets. The freight charges will be published on time by the company.

Cleaning and drying of grains

All grains are cleaned before they are stored in the silo. Depending on the need for moisture content, drying services are also available.

Inside Premises Services

The premise of the warehouse shall be a one-stop solution to farmers/traders and millers and shall be equipped with minimum required amenities.

About Us

Nepal Warehousing Company Limited (NWCL) provides facilities to store, clean, dry and transport grains with an objective to improve the quality of grains and linkage to the market so that farmers can realize better value for their produce. The Company also envisages the facilitation of financial services like insurance and inventory credit in addition to the operation of an auction house and ultimately a connection to the commodity exchange.

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