Nepal Warehousing Company Ltd is established under the Company Act, 2063 of Nepal to cater to the warehousing needs of the farmers, traders, millers and businessmen who deal in trade of grains for their commercial and industrial purposes. These actors more often face post-harvest losses, degraded quality of the product for further use and most frequently face problems of keeping grains in healthy environment for long time period.

In order to keep the quality of grains stored intact for long time, the Nepal Warehousing Company Ltd (NWCL) has brought the solution by installing high quality silos of 55,000 MT capacity at three different places in the province number 1, province number 2 and in Lumbini province. With this installed capacity of 55,000 MT, the company has entered into the business of grain trading with specialized services such as storing, auctioning, bulk transporting, warehouse financing, guaranteeing the quantity as well as quality, insuring the risk and bank financing. It is also expected that the installed warehousing capacity at three different locations would pave the way for industrialization of grain mills, feed mills and overall agriculture as all three warehousing locations have abundant field for grain production. At present the company has target of warehousing maize, soyabean and wheat which are mostly consumed as raw materials for feed millers. In long run, in warehousing premises the company has plan to install silos for paddy rice, cold storage for vegetables, fruits and other perishable agri-products.


  • To be established as a leading warehousing company in country to deal in all ranges of agri-products.
  • To remain helpful to farmers, aggregators to resolve their constant problem of properly storing their products until they really fetch the satisfactory market price of the products.
  • To provide state of art services to all stakeholders of warehousing company.


  • To help government to create infrastructure for auction market of primary agriculture products such as grains, vegetables and fruits.
  • To help farmers realize the real price of their products.
  • To protect the clients with any natural or man-made calamities they may encounter while keeping their products at their premises.
  • To help banking and financial institutions finance in agriculture business by issuing warehouse receipt to the clients who come to the warehousing company to store their product.
  • To liaise with different actors of agri-business.


  • To provide different services in warehousing premises.
  • To help commercialization of agriculture.
  • To understand needs of each client who comes to warehouse and provide needful advice.
  • To ensure fair market price to buyers and sellers who participate in auction market process.
  • To provide bulk transportation service to client who wish to get delivery of stored agri-products at their own destination through physical as well as virtual delivery system.